Are you looking for tips on how to move when it’s snowing? Well, you’re in the right place. Some may wonder, why would anyone want to move in the winter? The answer is that it is an off-peak season, costing less.

While you might want to take advantage of the good prices of winter moving, it comes with challenges and uncertainties. Here is how you can deal with them:


How To Move When It’s Snowing

It is bad enough to have to move in the cold, but moving in the snow is a bigger challenge altogether. These tips can help ease the process for you:

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

We cannot emphasize preparation enough when moving in winter. Preparation can make or break your experience altogether. Preparation during a winter move includes:

  • Clearing any pathways that will be used in your new and old home
  • Stocking up on plastic sheets
  • Constantly checking on the weather and moving things around it
  • Make backup plans with your movers
  • Finding movers with expertise in moving in winter
  • Having warm clothing to wear during the move


  • Pack A ‘Just In Case’ Bag

Moving in the cold is uncomfortable and uncertain. The winter can cause unexpected rains to deter you from your destination. Therefore, you want to have a bag with each of your family members’ warm clothes just in case you must have a stopover and continue the move the next day.

  • Work With Professionals

Moving in the cold can be quite limiting in terms of time and comfort. You want as many hands on deck as possible to pack, transport, and unpack your stuff to avoid driving in the dark snowy nights. It can be dangerous.

Therefore, ensure that you work with professionals with winter moving experience, especially in snow driving.

  • Keep Necessities Nearby

You need some things close by when moving in winter, such as a shovel, to clear snow on your way. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the snow.

Also, pack things like blankets close by so you can easily access them without having to unpack everything in your new home.

  • Prepare Your Car

Ensure that your car is ready for long-distance travel in the snow. Bearing in mind that you are moving in winter, load up your vehicle with the right amount of fuel to avoid a situation where you are stranded without fuel, nowhere near a filling station, and in the snow with your family.

  • Ensure That Everything Is Wrapped Or In An Airtight Container

Moving in the cold can be unpleasant if you are not well-prepared. Everything gets wet, which leads to damage.

Therefore, wrap any essentials with plastic sheets or put them in an airtight box to ensure everything stays dry, especially electronics and stuff you might need for the night, like immediate blankets.

  • Warm-Up

Ensure that the electricity and heating system are working in your new home. Once you get there, fix a cup of hot chocolate for your movers and family, it will warm you up fast!


Ready To Move In Winter?

Now that you know how to move when it’s snowing, are you ready for your big move? Call Alta Relocation Systems to have the best winter moving experience. Call us today!

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