You are wondering, do I really need to learn how to pack a box? Isn’t that too easy? Sadly, it is not as easy as it sounds. Moving boxes are delicate, and you have to pack them correctly for a successful move without unnecessary challenges and damages, which is the goal, right?

Follow these steps and tips as you pack your moving box for an easy experience:


How To Pack Moving Boxes: Step By Step

Step 1: Sorting And Organizing

When packing moving boxes, the best way to go about it is by packing similar or related items together for easier access when reorganizing your new home. It makes it easy to label appropriately.

When choosing boxes for different categories, ensure that lighter stuff goes into the bigger boxes while bigger stuff goes into smaller boxes to make it easier to carry.


Step 2: Cushioning The Box

Knowing how to pack shipping boxes also entails knowing the box preparation process. Once you know what will go in each box, get some bubble wrap cushioning or a towel and lay that on the bottom of your box.

This helps protect the contents of your box in case it gets wet or is stacked on another box with items that could poke into it.


Step 3: Packing

Now that you have your box ready, do you know exactly how to pack moving boxes? It is not simply putting things into the box. Instead, there is a way to do it. First, ensure that the heavy stuff goes to the bottom. This gives the box some balance.

Wrap items individually to protect them from impact. This applies especially when packing delicate things such as glass dishes or electronics.

Also, when packing your box, pack up to the very top of the box. Pack until full, but no more. You want to have a flat, full top. Half-full boxes easily collapse, especially when stacked on each other.


Step 4: Covering Everything In Your Box 

Remember what you did with the bottom of your box? Now you do it to the top as well. Get bubble rolls and cover the top of your box before closing it, ensuring that nothing goes beyond the top of your box. This protects the contents of your box; from moisture and foreign objects.


Step 5: Closing The Box

Now that you have mastered how to pack a box and everything is in place as it should be, you have to secure everything in the box by closing it securely.

Do this using thick masking tape. Tape any opening on the box enclosing everything in the box is safe and cannot fall off as you transport the box.


Step 6: Labeling The Box

The last and critical aspect of how to pack moving boxes is labeling them. Labels help ease the organization process in your new home.

You should get as specific as possible with the labels to help you unpack, but even vague by-room labels are better than none!


Ready To Move?

Now that you know how to pack a box, moving should be easy! Calling reliable and professional movers such as Alter Relocation Systems can make your experience even easier. Contact us today for a seamless move!


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