Moving is not something you decide to do suddenly or without a plan, let alone in a rash, but sometimes you may find that you have to move quickly. If you have ever moved (who hasn’t?) then you understand why most people avoid last-minute moving.

Handling such a task is complicated because of a lack of prior planning. What you need to do is take a deep breath, then come up with a plan.

Here are some tips you can follow if you are planning to move at the eleventh hour.


Start By Preparing A Checklist Of What Needs To Be Moved

Prepare a list of all the items in the house. Group the things that can share the same space to avoid spillage, color blending, or breakages. Check everything off the list as you pack along. Start packing once you have finished brainstorming.

Keep updating the list as you continue to remember more items. This will help you pack up quickly and know what is packed where.

Additionally, you won’t forget to carry the items tucked away in not-so-obvious places. This checklist becomes your last-minute moving help to check if you found everything written on the list.


Buy Ready To Use Packaging Boxes

Ready-to-pack boxes are handy in last-minute moving. These boxes have the handy materials that you need to pack your items safely and quickly. The sealing tapes are included, and the cushions to protect the delicate items are included here as well.


Install The Important Services In The New House

Check if the place you are moving to has all the necessary installations. These installations include Plumbing, gas, electricity, and internet. It will ensure that you settle quickly in your new place with minimal interruptions.

You can get last-minute moving help by asking the property manager of the house you are moving into to check the necessary repairs and fix them before you move in.


Don’t Pack The Items That You No Longer Utilize

Decluttering will save you a lot of time. It will ensure that your load is light and minimize relocation costs. You don’t need to pack items that you no longer use. You can quickly donate these or call someone who recycles old items to come to pick them up.


Don’t Focus On Detailed Arrangement 

The goal here is to save time and still have the desired results. Don’t fold every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You can put the clothes in a bag or a box without folding them. Additionally, don’t label the boxes because just looking into the box will tell you what’s in there.


Pack The Most Essential Items Separately

Unpacking can take some time. You may not have the time to unpack the large boxes right away. But because it is a last-minute moving engagement, you can have your most frequently used belongings like clothing, toiletries, electronics packed separately in a convenience box.


Hire Professional Movers

If you need to move out quickly, you may need last-minute moving help. Here, you need to hire professional last-minute movers such as Alta Relocation Systems, who have helped a wide variety of clients move, including those with very tight deadlines. You can trust Alta Relocation Systems to handle your relocation because we are professionals in last-minute moving. We have worked in the relocation business for over 35 years.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team of professional packers, unpackers, cleaners, assemblers, and disassemblers, who can handle every slightest detail. We even wash your dishes and clean all the waste associated with relocating.

At Alta Relocation Systems, last-minute moving help is available 24/7, and we can move you on any day of the week. This way, you free up your time by letting us do all your moving work as you focus on other things.

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