When moving day comes, it can be very overwhelming without a plan for the movers. You’d expect that floor plans would only apply to your ideal choice of home or apartment. But you can make moving easier for your team by having a moving floor plan. Alta Relocation Systems is a moving business in San Diego that can do all the heavy lifting for you, from the planning to the moving stage. Get in touch for a practical plan tailored to your needs. So, what should you consider in your moving floor plan?


The Ideal Moving Floor Plan Tips From A Reputable Moving Business In San Diego

Looking for the best tips and moving services when it’s snowing? Consider the following features in your move plan:

  • Imagine The Furniture In Your New Abode

We bet you love your furniture to the moon and back. So, start by mapping out how your interior design building blocks will look in your new home. With a well-detailed plan, your movers can quickly identify where to place the items. Additionally, it helps you determine what old and new furniture will fit and what you may have to leave behind to avoid disappointments. This way, you can decide early whether you’d like to sell or donate the items that won’t make the cut.

  • Get Down On Some Measurements

If you are looking for accuracy with your moving plan, welcome to a world of effortless math. You only need a measuring tape, pencil, and graph paper. It’s the only way to ensure that your furniture and wall décor truly fit your next paradise.

Measure the rooms and wall space. Always hold the tape as close as possible to the floor. Also, measure the window from the frame’s outer edges and the windows to the frames to the room’s corners. Watch out for the light switches, electrical outlets, ceiling lights, and heating vents situated in every room. Then proceed to scale the measurements on the graph paper. Use two squares to stand for a half inch, which represents one foot in the room. Then divide every room measurement by 2. The end is an accurate floor plan that will make your movers’ job simple and straightforward.

  • Other Items Have A Say Too

Silverware is obviously meant for the kitchen, but it may not be so obvious with other items. While furniture is important, you shouldn’t ignore other things. Particular rooms may require rugs and other decor items, so keep this in mind as you draft the plan. Take the time to assign a place for every item in your new home. While the movers will be grateful for making their work effortless, they will also save you time and effort of rearranging.

  • Create a Map

If math is a no-no, online sites can help. They let you map your home with numerous walls, furniture, flooring, and window options. Begin by creating a replica of your current La Mesa, CA home and moving stuff around per the new arrangement. Still on the fence about choosing a moving company?



Looking for a moving business in San Diego that can help make your moving effortless? Alta Relocation Systems takes pride in giving our customers a unique moving and storing experience. Our highly trained moving professionals use modern equipment to keep your items safe during loading and unloading. Call us and get a quote today for customized and affordable moving to your new home around the block or across the borders!

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