You would have heard people tell you odd tales about moving companies at one point or the other. Then you go ahead to do research, and you find out they’re all myths.

These weird stories and misunderstandings can lead you astray and, even worse, your moving process. In a worst-case scenario, they can impair your relationship with the moving company and make your experience a dreadful one.

The process of moving is very stressful, but you can prevent a lot of trouble by staying away from all moving company myths. Here we expose the sham of 5 common moving company myths.

  • Moving Companies Are All The Same

One common moving company myth is that all moving companies are the same, but the truth is that they have so many differences. For example, the level of experience, the pricing of the moving company, and the way of handling customers belonging are some factors that contrast them from each other.

When choosing a moving company, ensure you evaluate the company before reaching out to them. If not, you can hire a moving company that only relocates locally or within the country while you want to relocate to another country.

  • Some Of Your Stuff Will Surely Get Misplaced Or Damaged

Even though accidents can occur during moving, moving companies with enough expertise know how to handle your load to minimize damages properly. This is one common moving company myth that must be debunked.

Professional moving companies have spent so many years in the industry, so they can ensure that your loads get delivered safely. For example, they use skidders to prevent damage to your furniture. If you’re concerned about your load getting misplaced or damaged, inquire about their insurance and coverage options.

  • Organizing And Labeling Of Boxes Is Not Important

This is one moving company myth that should not be listened to. Organizing and labeling your boxes will make the work easier for the moving company packers and movers

Labels should be given to each box based on where they’re supposed to be, whether in the kitchen or bedroom. This even helps you when you’re unpacking because you will easily be able to locate items.

Delicate objects can also be protected when you organize and label your boxes to avoid placing them with objects that can damage them. You can label your boxes by using colors for every category.

  • Moving Is Cheap

This is one moving company myth that many people like to believe. They feel that moving without a moving company’s help helps save them a few dollars.

However, when you consider the time you’d be using for the move and the equipment, hiring a professional moving company is cheaper.

Professional moving companies help to board the expenses and bring a lot of people to ensure the packing process is flawless and fast.

  • The Best Time For Moving Is At The End Of The Week

Another common moving company myth is that weekends are the best time for moving because you have ample time to unpack and arrange your new place. If everybody has this misconception, the time you book may have to be compromised since all the moving companies will be busy, and it may even increase the cost of your moving estimate.


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