Moving company scams are sadly quite common, and being informed and alert is the only way to stay safe. Moving companies’ scams come in various types, from a moving rip-off to the mystery of completely non-existent companies.

Here is how you can spot and avoid a moving company scam:


How To Spot Moving Company Scams!

Run if you spot any of these signs and behaviors from a moving company!


Charging Without Inspection And Information

First, the only way for a moving company to determine the moving cost is by inspecting your home, seeing how much packing is needed, and determining how far you are moving.

If a moving company simply tells you that they will charge you X amount with none of that information, you might be at risk of a moving rip-off,  where they will keep adding charges as they unfold details on moving day.


Compulsory Deposit

If a moving company asks for a deposit before working, it is considered one of many moving company scams. What if you pay and they do not show up for the job? Most legit movers give you an estimate after inspection but expect you to pay after moving.


No Written Agreement Or Contract

If they are being too friendly and want to work without a contract, or worse, hand you a blank contract to sign, run!

A written agreement shows your terms and what liability they cover. Many moving companies’ scams happen because people are not keen on the necessary documents. Don’t fall prey.


How To Avoid Moving Companies’ Scams

Conduct Thorough Due Diligence

Doing your homework on the moving company can save you a nasty moving rip-off. Ensure that they are registered, licensed, and insured. To be even safer, work with movers recommended to you by people you know.

This way, you know they truly exist, and you can also learn about their work ethic and professionalism beforehand for a smoother experience.


Have Everything On Paper(Estimates and Contract)

A contract is everything in any transaction. Therefore, to avoid moving companies’ scams, ask for everything in writing, an estimate of all their costs, and their agreement. Ensure that they include their level of liability in case of loss or damage; how much they will cover.

This is included in a “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” pamphlet or brochure. Ensure you get it before transacting!

Never agree to verbal agreements. And even when handed any documents, ensure you read them through, understanding every part before signing them.


Never Pay Before The Service 

Any moving company asking you to pay before doing their job is a scam waiting to serve you with a moving rip-off.

To stay away, have the estimates in writing and a contract containing details about when you are expected to pay, which should be after they are done with their entire job as agreed.


Looking For A Legit Moving Company? 

If you want to move without encountering any of the moving company scams above, proceed with a reputable, trusted, and reliable company like Alta Relocation Systems. Call us today!

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