As the countdown to moving day grows nearer, pressure may be knocking at your door. This is especially true if you have no plan in place for temporal storage during unpacking or a more extended storage solution for your clutter. Fortunately, you can rent a storage unit with multiple options available. Alta Relocation Systems is a relocation planning company in San Diego that provides affordable, high-quality storage units for residential and commercial purposes in Oceanside, Escondido, California.

It’s essential to know how to prep and pack items before storage. Plan with the following tips.


Storage Tips From The Relocation Planning Company San Diego You Can Trust

  • Figure Out The Storage Restrictions In Your Area

You’d be surprised that not everything is allowed in your storage unit. Be sure to ask the storage company if they will not provide a list of prohibited items. Generally, you can expect that hazardous items like gasoline, chemicals, paint, explosives, fertilizers, narcotics, etc., can’t be stored in the unit. Pro tip? Anything perishable and flammable may not cut it.

  • Determine Which Personal Items Will Go In

We all have old items we keep, even when it’s obvious they may not be of help. Remember that the more things you store in the unit, the higher your storage rates. So, carefully consider what needs to be in the unit. Items should be donated or sold if they are not sentimental or useful.

  • An Inventory List May Seem Pointless But Comes In Handy

Moves are anything but a smooth ride to your new location. With all the chaos, you wouldn’t blame yourself for confusing what needs and doesn’t need to be in the storage list. Save yourself the trouble by making a comprehensive list of everything going into the unit. While you may focus on your expensive painting, don’t forget the ornaments or toys. Finally, make two copies, one for yourself and one to keep in the unit.

  • Clean Before Storing

It’s not a great experience to have your belongings stinking after storage, with musty-like scents. Therefore, clean all your items thoroughly before placing them in the unit. Those that can’t be washed should be wiped down carefully with a cleaning spray. The couch and chair cushions may need vacuuming, while the appliances may need cleaning using disinfectant wipes. Knowing how to keep your storage unit clean at all times can be helpful by reading these simple tips.

  • Clear Plastic Bins Provide Better Value Than Boxes

When packing your items, you may be on the fence about what to use. Airtight, clear plastic bins make it easier to identify what’s in the storage when revisiting the items. On the other hand, boxes may force you to check all the packages, and if there are many, get ready for tons of hunting hours to find a specific item. An alternative is to use boxes but label them clearly. Always be specific; for instance, instead of labeling ‘kitchen,’ be more particular with ‘utensils.’ Additionally, opt for high-quality cardboard boxes to ensure they stand up to the tests of time in the storage unit. on how to pack a box when moving.

Alta Relocation Systems is a relocation planning company in San Diego that curates a customized moving and storage plan for you. We seek to make your moving as effortless as possible with solutions that are made with you in mind. Our highly trained individuals can help you pack and unpack in your current and new location. We observe the highest standards to provide better value with affordable rates in Oceanside, Escondido, California. Moving is always simpler when you involve us, call and get a quote.

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