Residential Moving Services


Residential Moving Services Offered By Alta Relocation Systems

Finding the right residential moving company is vital when planning a residential move. Alta Relocation Systems offers all the moving services you would need, and we promise to meet all of your unique moving needs. We are willing to customize our household moving services to every aspect of the move.

From packing to unpacking and other add-on services such as debris pick up and cleaning. Alta Relocation Systems will take you through the entire residential moving with ease.

Why Choose Us?

Alta Relocation Systems is the best residential moving company in San Diego. Whether you are moving across the country, International, or down the street, Alta Relocation Systems will handle even the most demanding challenges when it comes to moving.

We do it every day and have been moving our clients for some time now. We plan a household move as professionals as we have amassed a wealth of skills and knowledge that’s unmatched.

We always protect your property through various tricks such as pad-wrapping your furniture and custom-crating your fine art.

We provide household moving services that can move households of any size, large or small. We are here for you, and not just that; we live on the motto that no move is too big or too small for us. We have excellent budget-friendly options for any wallet.

Here’s what we offer:


Local Residential Moving

This is a short-distance move, either within the same area or just down the street. We can do this in a day.


Long Distance Residential Moving

With this move, we shall move you across the country seamlessly, using our state-of-the-art moving trucks, our add-on vehicles, and our tracking technology. This can ship anything long-distance safely.

International Residential Moving

We will help you with customs clearance and any other requirements that may arise from your international move. We promise to make this a breeze for you and your family. So, relax, and let the professionals guide you through this.

Military Residential Moving

If you are in the military and would love to move from base to base or even off the base within a moment’s notice. Alta Relocation Systems’ household moving services should be your go-to company. We are ready to serve our Military professionally.

Apartment moves

Looking for a residential move from one apartment to another? This may sound very simple and easy, but it’s nothing but. A lot is done in the process, and you may face challenges you cannot handle on your own. Allow us to handle this for you.

What Makes Us Different?


We offer binding estimates

If a residential moving company does not provide binding estimates, they could have ulterior motives. They are likely to increase their prices at any point before the process is complete, but not Alta Relocation Company. When we give you a written estimate, we mean it, and we ensure that the work is done within that limit.

Our Coverage

Alta Relocation Company is a reputable firm that offers excellent coverage and we ensure that your household goods are well taken care of. We cover all of the US. Of course, when it comes to excellent coverage; you will have to pay extra, but we will inform you about it in advance. If you find a company only offering basic coverage, do not use it. Call us immediately.

Positive Customer Reviews

We have a good history with our clients. Please pay close attention to all the positive reviews we have online. Read what customers are saying about us and especially our pricing.

“The Alta Relocation Company cannot wait to help you with our household moving services, and all you have to do is fill out our online moving form for a free estimate. You can also call us in case of any questions you may have about moving.Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!”

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