Most people mistake the decision of office downsizing with making losses in business which is a common misconception. You can decide to move to a smaller space to improve employees’ interpersonal communications and save money on unnecessary space.

Employees nowadays have also propagated the idea of working from home, bringing the need of most offices to downsize.


Do I Need To Downsize My Office?

It depends. Most companies downsize for a variety of reasons.

It is essential to ask yourself if the office downsizing is necessary before proceeding. Carefully analyze your objectives for moving to the new office space and see if they align with your organization’s goals.

Once you have created a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your new office space, you will be able to tell if the office downsizing is good for you.

Here are the tips that will help you succeed in the downsizing business.


Consider The Needs Of Your Employees

Employees tend to be more productive when they are comfortable in their environment. Therefore, before going ahead with office downsizing, you should consider the specific needs of your employees.

All the hired employees perform different tasks in the office, which requires enough space so make sure downsizing does not reduce the productivity of the employees.


Prioritize On Safety First

Taking safety precautions is one of the essential tips on downsizing your office.  Ensure that your employees are working in safe conditions by making adjustments in your new office that will not cause distress or physical injuries.

The office space should allow for free movement of employees without brushing on each other. With the new Covid-19 measures, it is recommended to observe social distancing to avoid spreading the virus.

Therefore, business downsizing should give room to practice safety measures.


Downsize The Office Furniture

Most oversized office furniture consumes a lot of space, requiring bigger office space. Office downsizing should also include getting more miniature furniture to fit in your new office without compromising on the functionality of comfort for your employees.

More miniature office furniture also costs less, enabling you to save more.


Maximize On The Communal Areas

Most offices have communal areas where employees socialize and have coffee during breaks. However, this is unnecessary, even though the employees require some time from the desk to relax their minds.

There are alternative ways to set up communal areas for your employees during the downsizing, including creating private seating areas, office pods, and multi-functional meeting and dining places.


Why Choose Ultra Relocations?

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